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The University of Ulsan (Hangul: 울산대학교) (UOU) was founded on February 19, 1969 as the Ulsan Institute of Technology. The University was promoted to a full-fledged University on March 1, 1985. The university is located in Mugeo-dong, Ulsan, South Korea. The University currently has approximately 10,500 students enrolled.

The city of Ulsan has been recognized as the Korean city which was built around the corporate base of the multinational Hyundai conglomerate. Thus, the Hyundai Conglomerate announced its plan to give 40 billion won to assist a variety of university-industry cooperation projects.

This corporate relationship has helped turn the University into one of South Korea's top rated institutions for graduate job placement, as well as increasing its reputation more broadly as one of the top private universities outside of Seoul.


The Vision of University of Ulsan
Improvement of Practical Education
Development of Global Human Resources
University for Regional Innovation



University details

  • Offers classes in Korean & English (Almost for Master Degree).


The Field Of Specialization & A Course In A Foreign Language

[Programmes sponsored by Hyundai Heavy Industries] - Internship, Field Training, Scholarship, Research Project, etc.
1. Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
2. Aerospace Engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. IT Convergence
5.Biomedical Engineering 
6. Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

[Programmes sponsored by KCC] - Internship, Field Training, Scholarship, Research Project, etc.
1. Chemical Engineering

[Programmes sponsored by Seoul Asan Medical Centre] - Scholarship, Research Project, Employment, etc. 
1. Medicine
2. Medical Science
3. Medical Engineering
4. Nursing


English Taught Classes



  1. Mechanical & Automotive Engineering

  2. Electrical Engineering

  3. Chemical Engineering

  4. Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

  5. Physics

  6. Biological Science

  7. Business Administration



  1. All majors in College of Engineering

  2. All majors in College of Natural Sciences

  3. All majors in College of Business Administration


Work Study Programs - Internship


  • Partner with Hyundai Heavy Industries.  The founder of Hyundai founded Ulsan University.  Hyundai is now one of the largest benefactors to the university

  • Ulsan also has the largest amount of manufacturing facilities of any Korean cities.  There are more factories and facilities here than any cities.  Thus there is a huge demand for educated workers

  • Work internship available at local companies, and the university will set up a system for students to go to the work study companies.



University of Ulsan (UOU) was founded in 1970 by Mr. Ju-yung Chung – the founder of HYUNDAI group. The Principal is Mr. Chung Kil Chung - former president of the South Korea Senate and the President is Mr. Yeon Cheon OH - former president of Seoul National University. It is located in 93 Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, South Korea.

The University includes 11 colleges, 5 graduate schools, 7 Administrative Offices and 22 Supporting Organizations. It provides a diversity of majors. Especially, it is currently conducting ‘World-Class Programs’ in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Medicine. Also the UOU is carrying out various projects which every UOU student benefits from and plays a crucial role for the local community and the nation.

UOU has demonstrated its accomplishments and excellence with continued change and innovation. To be a creative model of university education based on truth, free will and service, UOU takes the initiative in innovation and strives to achieve its academic vision





  1. Asan Sports Center (Swimming Pool, Gym, Yoga, Dancing, Badminton, Kendo, Golf,,etc.)

  2. Playground (Soccer, Footsal, Basketball, etc.)

  3. Gymnasium

  4. Central Library(Main building, Annex)

  5. International Hall (Global Lounge, International Conference Hall, International House, etc.)








Additional, graduate students may receive scholarships and possible stipends from university research departments, where professors receive grants to perform research for a project.  Students are paid to assist in the research, thus it could offset or pay for all tuition.






















Through our unique partnership with Ulsan University, an unique scholarship program has been established specifically for Ellacy’s students. All students under Ellacy’s sponsorship are guaranteed scholarships for up to 100% off Korean Language Program. After successful completion of KLP, there are scholarships available for undergraduate students from 30%-100%. Scholarship upon entrance is confirmed based on the Topik result submitted before the application deadline. Scholarship is granted during the regular study period: 8 Semester for Year 1 Entry, 6 Semester for Year 2 Entry and 4 Semester for Year 3 Entry Students.

Scholarship Requirement is quite simple: Graduate from High School and/or College with min. GPA > 7.0/10.0 and commitment to complete 4-year undergraduate degree at UOU. Enrollment time for Scholarships are March and September and Non-scholarship are June and December




  •  90th in the World (2015 THE 100 under 50 Rankings)

  •  8th in Korea (2015 CWTS Leiden Rankings)

  •  11th in Korea

  •  85th in Asia (2015 THE Asia University Rankings)



International Undergraduate Scholarship






Before Entrance

TOPIK Level 3: 30% of Tuition off

TOPIK Level 4: 50% of Tuition off


TOPIK Level 5: 70% of Tuition off


Korean Language Course: $1,000 USD/ 10 weeks


















After Entrance


[General Majors]

TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 3.00 ~ 3.50: 30% of Tuition off



TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 3.50 ~ 4.00: 50% of Tuition off



TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 4.00 ~ 4.25: 70% of Tuition off

TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 4.25 ~: 100% of Tuition off

[Majors only for International Students – Korean Language, Business(English Track)]



TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 3.50 ~ 3.75: 30% of Tuition off



TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 3.75 ~ 4.00: 50% of Tuition off



TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 4.00 ~ 4.25: 70% of Tuition off



TOPIK Level 4+ & Previous semester GPA 4.25 ~: 100% of Tuition off



* TOPIK Level 5+ is applied to the students at School of Korean Language & Literature.

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